Hit By A Freight Train

I was hit by a freight train, the muse I asked to wake up, woke up with a conductors hat. I was surprise though that on the train that she moved was not the novel I am currently working on. It is another story, a story that will be an experiment of being written in just over 2 weeks. Not edited, but written, about 100k worth of words organized and patterned to create a story. Every free moment I get I will be writing. I want to average over 8k a day. I am hopefully aiming for 16 days.

I will punch in on a time clock and write. My hands will not stop moving, if I get stuck I will simple put *** (COME BACK) ***. Today my research will be done and will count in the progress. I will have the story done for my writers group in 2 weeks’ time. I am going to call this a writing marathon and see if it works. I will try to write in my notepad every day on the progress and what I feel like. Hopefully this works.

May my fingers not bleed?

A. McKay

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another week goes by

I have delayed my writing due to a death in the family, but my mind is starting to come back in focus.  At least as much focus as I had before.  My story is very interesting so far, surprises keep turning up even for me.   The newest thing for me is I was thinking of taking a class in writing.  I think the cost justifies the means.


I am still keeping notes on the story, which I think will help in the long hand, especially the editing process.   The goal is to make writing a full time job, I just need to get it in the habit and the drive that full time authors have.

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But…but, if I read now, won’t that delay my writing?


Reading is the fundamental block to any author.  It will teach you techniques, clichés, and even how to correctly use the right words in the story you are writing right now.


Right now, you are reading, hopefully being inspired on your next masterpiece, which in that case, may I have a signed copy?    You need to study what you are reading, memorize the techniques, the way he or she brought you into the story.  Why can’t you put it down?   Learn why you can’t put it down, you are just as talented as that author in your own right.


I owe a lot of my writing to Katie MacAlister, Gena Showalter, and Candice Havens.   When I read their stories, their books let me sink deeply into their world, lets me see how they write, how they develop the stories.  One of the biggest bits I learned from reading their stories is how to add humor in but not overdoing it.  I have also read Nora Robert’s stories, the queen of romance, her love scenes are something that most readers and writers would want to emulate.


I have another example of stories that move me, taught me how to write that scene that drags you through the screams and movements.  Every time I read erotic author, Sasha White’s Stories, I learn how to weave romance in just a little better.   I am not writing what she writes but romance does play a lot in my stories.


So…no reading won’t magically bring the author out in you, but it will help you get through those tough scenes.  Some people will say it is copying, but really, you are not copying their ideas or words, but their way of teaching you how to write that killer scene, that scene, a year down the road, somebody will say, “Man that is just like, blah…blah, in your book.”


I am not telling you to stop writing, or to stop reading what you are currently reading because you are reading a non-fiction novel on the civil war.   I am saying that reading is not bad for you when it comes to writing.  You don’t need to read that genre that you are writing.  Like it or not, what you are reading though, will shape your story, bring out a different bit of your writing technique into play.


There is trick to this though, and that is balance.  Balance is the key to everything great in life.  If your mind is not balance, your life is not balance, or if you are reading the entire time and not really paying attention to the story, most likely if you’re speed reading the story, this will cause harm to your writing.   If you look at any sport, any activity in life, and you are not balanced, it suffers.


For example, I am a golfer, at first I was a hacker, but I read everything about golf, watch movies after movies, even bought myself a training video.  The thing like in writing, I practiced the techniques, I studied every movement, that coming year I was at top of a game, I dropped more than 30 strokes off my game by doing it.  I was down to a handicap of 3 which is considered really good for amateur golfers.   Then life kept getting in the way, my golfing went downhill.  I didn’t know why it was suffering, but the ball no longer could seem to find the short grass.   I looked at everything again, and again, and it wasn’t helping.  Then I learned about balanced, my mind was not there where it should have been.  Just like that golfing was back to where it should have been.


So read, but pace yourself.  Write, I would say pace yourself, but face it you need to write as fast as you can.  Pace the story though, don’t rush through scenes here and there to get to the exciting ones.  Smell the lilacs on the side of the road, drag the reader into the life of your book.

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Note taking while writing

I was sitting on the chair with the Packer VS 49ers game on the Television.  It was a great time, for the words flew from my hands.  I couldn’t type fast enough it seemed.  The only problem is, I don’t get that feeling all the time.  Usually at that time on Saturday night I am ready to go to bed, but no I continued to write.  I don’t know if it because of my note taking I force myself to do after each time I write.


The story might change but I preplan the story, keep notes and ask myself where do I want to go from here.  So after last night this is what my notes looked like  minus anything that would give the story away.



01/12/13 10,297 Saturday[O1]  (look below for comments)

Wrote 1767 on Saturday night at 20:30 watching the packer game. This was a well thought session.[O2]
Successfully wrote:
the meeting of the white unicorn
trying to correct hisnew wife (pairing) life
Seron = (1/2 part)…..Sorry can’t spill the beans
Great sense of smell, speed, and hearing. (threw axe, beheaded rabbit)
Also confused on the change
Ryou = (1/2 part)…..Sorry can’t spill the beans
Great sense of smell, sight, hearing, speed, strength and gut feeling (First to sense the danger in the village
Got sick at first change
First to bow to the unicorn
Are the girls unicorns?[O4]




Now sometimes I will add what I want to happen next, but since that will give my story away I didn’t keep it in here.

 [O1]Date, total words per book and day.  To keep track of words

 [O2]How many words did I write.  What was on, how much thinking did take place or was it pure writing

 [O3]Character notes

 [O4]A question to ask my beta readers

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How ideas become novels

So I am sitting in the office, waiting for something to happen, when I decided maybe I should write a post.  A post that might help writers, or wanna-be writers.   So what is the difference, between being an author and wanna-be?  The only thing I see is the drive, the drive to write, to finish a book.    Like a friend always tells me when I get off topic, “Shut up and write.”


Now some might say that being self-published does not give me the right to talk about it, but to them I just say shut up, unless you are one of my favorite authors, then I say shut up and write because I am waiting for the next story from you.


Really though, that is not what I am wanting to talk about.  As I run a local writers group, I wanted a topic that they could read to see what and how I come up with the millions and millions of ideas.  By the way I jot them down in a folder with the idea anytime I get one so I don’t forget it.  Usually they end up being combined with other ideas because they are similar or because they would work well together.  For example, an idea I had is sort of a cross between pixies (yes tinkerbells) and zombies.  (Think tinkerbell dressed in Goth clothes controlling people by eating and hiding inside their brain.)


Now, though I had another story pop in my brain, I would like to share how it came too since that is always the question on non-writers mind.


I was just was walking down the hallway, when a bitter chill whipped through my body.  I literally said damn.  Then it hit me, what would happen if a fire breathing dragon felt the same feeling.  (Since in my mind Dragons would use magic to look like humans to not be disturbed as much)   I continued on, and then I asked myself, okay so the predicted end of the world didn’t happen, in which the dragon would have been laughing about for the humans were so dumb on thinking that, what would he be doing.


I figured he wouldn’t have a job, because well he is older that old and is richer that Richie Rich (remember the movie, yeah…)  So I don’t know if other writers do this but it just comes natural too me, perhaps cause of my security job or because I just like to know things, but my mind goes to overdrive in questions about the dragon, where he lives and etc.


I figure if I wanted to know about him, so would my readers, hopefully.  I really don’t care if I write this story just to have it for me to read later on in my years, for friends and family or if I get it published.  Don’t get me wrong, when you get published it brings a whole new excitement, but I really just enjoy playing with my imagination.


So since this idea just came too me, not really sure where, but it came I can’t really discuss the character more, but I do know he is traveling, trying to find something, something that is very important.   He might be trying to find the cure to that chill, why did he feel that, or just maybe he will end up in the pixie story, and again maybe not.


Since though, I am currently writing a story back with Feudal Japan similarities I won’t force myself to really think about it.  I know I will make a folder for it or a sheet with what I thought about now, even if it is just a character sheet, because you never know where I might hear him shouting or throwing fire at me.

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1st or 3rd

I wrote well today, getting just over 1k an hour.   It is the same story I was working for NANOWRIMO but now it is being written in 1st person POV instead of third.

The trick between knowing which POV to write is to start writing it, and the characters will tell you.  I thought it was goign to be 3rd but I couldn’t get it out like i wanted too.  So now I did first person and think it is flowing better.


“for me to deny it would have been a foolish act, and for now I kept that to myself.”

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2 days off are over

I took 2 days off from writing to do some personal things.,  Now I am back, my brain is partly focus.   I am going to continue the way I’ve been doing, but I found out if I do all the dialogue, it is very easy to reach my word count.  So this chapter is 4706 words or about 35 WPM.   I was watching tv also and yesterday almost seemed to be a waste on writing.  I did though love how this scene turned out, in which most guys have done before.

“Ask yourself, have they ever asked your thoughts, have they ever traveled this land, the realm of death or the Demon Gates.”  He meant to keep it calm, but he knew he went to far.  The silence she gave back for that moment was all he could handle without slicing his own throat. “They sit in their chambers, they do not care no more of this land for power has corrupted them.”

“You do not know what you speak of”  She lost some of the edgeneess, her sharp tongue for he knew he was right, but for a man to confront her it, was a fool indeed.

“You hesitated, you know I speak the truth,” He considered himself a fool now for there was no stopping his tongue.

“I suppose you could do better,” she said with a straight face, and a her voice now cold as Ice.  He rather have faced a squad of demons with razor sharp weapons that to face her now.



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Wow, did he just write that…Why, yes I did.

So far I can only manage 2 hrs of writing but my detailed outlines takes at least ten minutes.  I am doing good, but didn’t write yet today due to still be at work.   Anyways a fellow nanowrimor post some of his book so I said maybe I will on my site.  Here it is, I meant to do this before anyways:

So far day 2 of nano because that is when I started:

The land did not shake, nor did it crack in
thunder.  Something greater happened,
something worse, a law was broken.

Day 3

The path they followed gave way to more of the terrain.  The path looked to be whre even the mountain gave up on trying to climb it.  Yet this man climbed, walked it like it was nothing at all.  The stones changed color from the pale tans to the more black and siddic like they were burned into place.

“I hate to bother you but where are we going?”  Silence followed the words except for the wind that blew a cool breeze across the sky.   It seemed to be forever before he spoke again

“I am going home, you are going…” he stopped and turned to face Bladebee in the face, “away.”

Day 4

She looked so calm, not lost between the emotions that plagued her for all the time that he traveled with her.

“GET UP YOU LARD ARSE!” He yelled, birds flew from the trees, the air in his lungs turned to heat as her eyes bolted open.

So there you have it, when I post my word count for the day, I will add some more.

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Day 4 (3)

Betweet 8 and 10 at night.  I worked this mornig so I made that knowledge part with the outline part in the morning.  Then I wrote tonight to write over 5k to get me just uner 14k.  I am liking this method but am exhuasted. Tomorrow another morning hour and church in evenig.  SO far I can only manager 2 straight hours of writing.,   Keep it up fellow NANOWRIMOR’s

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Nano day 3 (2k-10k day 2)

So today I wrote 2 hours from 1230-230 and produced 4k.  I was alone and just music.

almost 9 k for nano now.  Avaging 4k a session or 2k an hour

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