The First Hurdle

Working on projects, such as being an author, is hard enough. I keep on procrastinating all the time. For example, I am writing this article right now instead of writing my story. This hopefully will help you get over that first hurdle.

These are several ways that have helped me get to the beginning stage in which I think is the hardest to get through:

  1. Make a music list and play it when you are working. The music should be motivational and positive in most cases. Runners always have music while doing there work, so why not us writers.
  2. This is directed at the people who must be multitasking while working. Play a game online that you and a friend are playing. For example, I use to play yahoo pool. Although, make sure to let the other person know that you are also working on something while playing the game. This way they don’t get mad at you for all the waiting that it takes sometimes.
  3. Watch a movie that is related to the activity. For instance, I am writing story that takes place in ancient Greece. In order to help me get motivated for writing, I have been watching through the use of Netflix: Hercules Legendary Journeys, Robin Hood, and Xena the Warrior Princess, or anything that relates to that time frame in a way that can be put with what I am working. This helps a lot when we are searching for that inspiration we all need. The downside to this is you may end up focusing too much on the movie instead of your work.
  4. This goes with the movies a little, but watch T.V. I have that on sometimes just as background music. However, this method has the same downside as the number three so be careful not to get too caught up in the show.
  5. Walk away and come back. I am talking about like walking around the block or going to get a glass of water. This allows your eyes to rest as well as your mind. Something about blank pages just zap the thoughts that we had right out of our brains. Make sure though that you type right away when you get back otherwise we are back in the same dilemma.

Hopefully these several solutions I have found aids you as much as they have me. These techniques, however, don’t always work or work to conquer writer’s block. If you have writer’s block try different ways to get around it. These five ideas are just to get you going on your work. I have tried these all many times. Sometimes they work and sometimes they end up making it worse. Another thing is that it might not work one time but the next time they may. The same is true for the opposite.

Although, there is one thing I did leave out. If you have a routine, do not change it unless it fails. A routine always is the best way to do work. Also, having something to wear that when you put it on it means that it is time to work and nothing else. This is something new I’m going to try for myself and you are welcome to try it as well. I am going for a vest, but this could be a pair of glasses or even a little pin. Something that just tells you, it is time to get to work.

Please tell us what you do to get through that first hurdle? You never know if your idea can inspire others!

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