2 Tales – 1 Story

My editor and I are sitting here trying to figure out what to type. Then we started to talk about my story and how I deleted the scenes that showed the antagonist’s side.

My book now focuses on the protagonist’s perspective.  I mentioned in my bio that I would not pick up a book that bounced too many times. Well, I sort of lied. I have read books that had me jumping back and forth.  I appreciate the story and how they changed perspective in order to offer a different viewpoint. However, I realized that this form of writing does not work for me.

Holy Smokes - An Aisling Grey Novel 
Holy Smokes – An Aisling Grey Novel


I try to focus on the main story, and now I usually skip through the scenes that have the antagonist in it, unless the protagonist is also involved. For example, a series I love reading from Katie MacAlister is The Aisling Grey novels. She does a good job of not bouncing back and forth.  I love her stories due to that fact.  The lack of switching perspective in her novels; however, is because her story is written in the first person.  If you look at Nora Roberts’ books, she sticks to the story.  She writes both sides if the story needs them, but if the switch of perspectives would just make a reader frustrated, it gets thrown out.  If you want to see these two kinds of writing, try reading a first person story like Dragons Prefer Blondes, by Candace Havens.  Also try a third person story that just focus on the protagonist, for example Gena Showalter‘s Heart of the Dragon, The Atlantis tale that started it all…  In the Heart of the Dragon, they bounce from the female’s to the male‘s perspective. Then you can compare that to Dark Lover, a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, by J.R. Ward where she does a beautiful job of bouncing back and forth.  This was one of the books that I didn’t care for, because of the way it switched  to the antagonist’s side.  It didn’t feel right for me to know about the enemy, but the story was not harmed by adding the antagonist‘s view.  In my opinion, it feels like I was cheating on the protagonists, and that didn’t seem fair to me.

We all have our points of view on stories that we read and write, but that is why so many novels exist.  I am not saying one is better then the other,  I just challenge people to think outside the box on everything they do.  I have read each style and like a combination of the them.  If I don’t want to find out the other side of the story, I read the side I want and skip the other.  Then, maybe on a future date, I will read the opposite side.  This is a great way to push your imagination and it will help you understand the characters.  Although, this only works if they bounce back a fourth as you read.

Don’t do it in first person, as that can actually be MORE challenging, don’t you think?

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