Dreams have been a writer’s best friend since writing began. Dreams have been written down and interpreted before books were produced. They are the easiest way to begin novels, picture, music, and poems.

In novels, however, it is the structure of the story, unless your mind can create the whole tale in your head like the now famous author Stephanie Meyers.

First of all, you must remember the dream. A dream will not stay in your memory even if you recite it to yourself a hundred times. You need to jot it down somewhere. It could be a dream journal, voice recorder, or even typed out if you run the computer nearest to you and you have it on the whole night. The catch is though you need to write these dreams down in the first moment of conscious.

Trying to remember dreams is the hardest step though. I have tried several methods on remembering dreams and there is no correct way to do this. I have tried to force myself awake right after REMs with the total concentration of my mind in the sleep process. The problem is half the time I wake up without remembering the dream, or couldn’t fall asleep to do it. The other way of remembering the dreams is trying to say, “I will remember my dream.” Although, you need to say this right before you fall asleep and it needs to be out loud. This works half the time.

However, I needed to make my dreams appear on paper and the whole dream journal wasn’t working. I didn’t want to move when I was comfy under my blankets. So I do a form of meditation that lets me enter my subconscious mind and retrieve information or create my own story right there. This ended up being the best way for me to do this, due to me being able to write my dream/story down while still in that mind set. The only problem I have with this, though, is I don’t hear phone rings, and if someone approaches me, I freak out.

There are several ways to bring a dream to life. There are many methods of bringing that subconscious thought into the light.  It could vary from person to person, and even day by day.

After you figure a way to bring the dream to life there are a couple of ways to write it down. The first way is to get a book on interpretations of pictures and the whole dream itself. There is no right book in my opinion for this, and it is all from your point of view.

The second way to write a dream down is just write it the way you see it. You can always change this and that when you put it to paper, but write the whole dream out, or voice record it the way it occurred when you were asleep.

This is fun and challenging to step into your own subconscious mind to bring dreams and stories out. This creates wonderful ideas and tales. Dreams are a magical part of life that shows us imaginative concepts and plots. So why not go try making some in that brain that is well tucked behind the clouds. One more thing though, don’t forget to share it with others these attempts you’ve made.

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The notebooks of life

Yeah, I am talking about the oldest thing since paper came out.  Notebooks composed of paper, not those little computers that are almost the size of some phones.   Yes, you can apply the same things to notes on a computer, but it just not quite the same.  Go back to the day when pen and paper were popular, even if you hate the idea.  I am going to talk about three notebooks I keep around at all times.  This includes my writing notes that I use when writing the story on my computer, the story notebook that comes in handy when I am away from the computer, and my small life notebook.
The first notebook, I’d have to say, is the most abused and it helps me when I come back to my writing after a break. For example, I am writing in the program Darkroom and suddenly it hits me that a certain part of my writing will have to be changed when it comes time to putting together the whole book.  Of course, if I keep writing I will forget this little detail or it will slow me down to a snail’s speed because I will feel the need to go back through my work to fix the problem right away before I forget about it.  To avoid this predicament, a notebook sits next to me and I quick jot a reminder down about the change that needs to be made under the category of Editing Notes.  I have another section in the notebook that I use when I’m role-playing and I want to jot notes down that I might want to use.  This notebook helps my mind to remained focused and keeps me on track instead of opening another program and going there which, if you use darkroom, is very tiresome to minimize the screen and type it out.  This is probably the only notebook though that could be on my computer, as well.
In the second notebook I have, which is probably the most important, is my life notebook.   I use it for everyday notes, I.E. grocery list, cash flow and other useful notes that might need to be taken.  It also is great to have it for people watching.  An example of that would include the other night; my girlfriend and I were sitting at the theatre when we saw a man do a dumpster dive, like he was a secret agent.  I had to write this down, because I could use it later on for a scene where my characters are thrown in the dump and find treasures or something else.  Another great use for this notebook is when you have a random brainstorm session.  You know our characters; sometimes they just will not shut up.  “No, Mr. Dragon, I am writing a blog, and no, you can’t kill everyone…just yet.”
The third notebook I use is sort of the least used one of all because I write on my computer mostly or a laptop.  I am talking about my story notebook.  This includes all my stories in different areas.  One page could be about a story I am working on, and the next page would maybe have a Variety show skit.  It is just a notebook to bring with instead of a laptop, due mostly because I am in Wisconsin and things freeze easily.   Word of advice though if you use a laptop a lot, carry notebook like this one with it, and it will become another favorite tool.
I know notebooks are old and have no technology, but you will be surprised how often you might use them when you try it out.  When you buy these notebooks, do not buy the $.99 ones. Purchase the ones that cost a lot and have hard covers, or a cover that will not rip off, and pages will stay in easily.  Also, buy a pen that you like or pencil. Most importantly, do not give up on it.  These simple tools will also aid you if you do voice typing, due to the fact that you will have the script right in front of you.

Notebooks can go anywhere you are, even in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes is the best to write a whole book.  These ringed bundles of paper are considered to be things of the past. They have a dying present, but hopefully a bright future.

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