Different writes for different people

  How do you write?  I have been noticing while reading other people’s work and listening to what others read, books differ not just from point of view but from the way it was written.  For this topic though, I will compare two books in third person point of view.  The books are not important but the way they are read are. 

            One book has it based by the main character, or by the main character.  There might be other main characters, but it is almost like first person, just that it is well third.  Basically it stays in that characters area, and doesn’t spread out.

            The other book is based on multiple characters and each character has their own story.  So character A is on a journey to Mount Olympus, while the other character maybe his sister, is learning that life is hard without her brother.  They are still mixed but, could really stand apart if they had to be.

            The pro’s and cons could vary in each type, other readers like different ways.  One might like the story being complex, and multiple settings.  They might like to know what the evil vampire is up to now.  While someone else can come over and read the same work, and be dragged through that.  Then on the other side, a reader could love be in this characters head, and knowing what the environment around her is doing, it might be said this could be easily a first person story. 

            Here’s the kicker though when you are writing, can you bounce from character to character, and stay in character.   Yes, I just used three characters in one sentence.   When I first started my book, I tried to bounce around, and around to get the reader to know the whole story.  I then found out I was making the story to complex, and to many bounces.  I erased the evil character side of the story, and now focus on the five main characters. 

            Now the question is, as a writer, what do you prefer to write, as a reader what do you prefer to read?  Is there a right way and a wrong way?    You won’t learn if you don’t expand your brain, so share your thoughts, and hit the comment button!

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