Sex, Sex, and More Sex

Sex scenes, are probably the most unique scenes in a whole book.  Every sex scene I have ever encounter this far has its own twist. I figured that when I was writing, the sex scenes would form themselves.  Well, I was sort of wrong.  While writing, I did find that sex seems to come into the story.  However, when writing the scene itself, it gets very confusing to me. This is probably due to me being a male.  So what is the best way to write the part where the two lead characters make passionate love?   To answer this question at my stage of writing would be total B.S.   I can only give examples, of some that I read and what I found were very interesting.

            So, I chose a random book out of my collection that I need to read yet and came up with Candace Havens, Take Me If You Dare.  I just read the scene where they did very hardcore four-play.  I noticed that she uses very seductive words, for example she uses the word growl, and I mean how many women love to hear their man growl their name in the bed.  Of course I am a male writing this, so I totally am out of my bubble when talking about these kinds of scenes.  I also noticed that she didn’t focus on just one of the characters; she bounces from the two and had you knowing exactly how it felt to each individual involved.


            Also, in a sex scene you have to be very thorough in description.  For some reason when it comes to these lovely scenes, the reader needs to be able to imagine an almost identical image to the one that the writer is thinking about.  Other areas of the book may get a little vague in details so the reader can be creative themselves, but when it comes down to the hard, vibrant, pulsing scenes that draw readers in, you need to be precise.  For example, from Take Me If You Dare, Candace Havens wrote, “As he moved his hand over her breast, his other slid down lower to the triangle of cloth between hew legs.  The first touch in the folds of softness sent her body pressing into his.”  The way she described it, even if it was hard and intense, she spoke softly in the description.  There was no grasping or crying in pleasure, the female character just reacts by pressing herself into the male character. That reaction showed the readers how good and intense the sensation felt. 

            To me the sex scenes need to be more descriptive then verbal.  I mean how do you like a scene where the characters said “O baby, that’s the spot.”  He fingered deeper. “Right there baby.”  There is no depth in that.  Here is what I think, maybe instead of being so verbal; the scene could be more like this. Please remember that this is purely from a male perspective. 

She moaned in pleasure, thrusting more and more onto her lover’s fingers.  She felt the pressure building and felt in total lost.   Her cries continued to grow when he whispered to her making his lips vibrate on her clit.  She needed the release; she wanted to remember the pure joy of the act.  She thrusted again this time, feeling her own wetness on his fingers and tongue. 

            I am a beginning writer, and to create these kinds of scenes is probably the most difficult for me to do. Basically, I am trying to find ways to make my love scenes into the scenes you don’t forget about.  The ones that make you drool want to find your lover.  Those are the scenes that make “a book” into “The book.”

I also want to remind you that yes I am a male writer, and my editor, even for these blogs, is a woman, so maybe my scenes won’t end up so male oriented after all.  So why don’t you help me and other writers by telling us how do you spice up the book?

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