HURRAY! I have finished my first manuscript and here are my insights of doing it!

My first manuscript is done, hurray!  I know it will be better if I had it published but one goal at a time.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me for editing and finding the right people and maybe this one won’t even get published.  I will tell you something though, I don’t care.  I finished a book and I learned so much on the way.  I have already begun the next process for the next book.   I would love to share you my steps in making a book according to me.

  1. Come up with an idea.  Don’t turn any idea you got away, for this is brainstorming.  Maybe you can use one the other ideas in the current idea of the book.   
  2. Tell someone else your idea.  You don’t want to be totally into the story and then find out the whole thing don’t make sense. 
  3. For me but maybe different for other authors, I create my characters.  The names which can always be changed and what they look like
    1. To go with the names and description, I type sort of a bio in the description. 
    2. I then make pictures in adobe photo shop but the free version Gimp will work also of what the character will look like.  After I made the pictures though I create a background on my desktop so I keep focused.
  4. Then I make and outline and do research at the same time.  I have a busy life and won’t remember half the stuff I looked up.
    1. The outline though will be the bare minimum.  I learned that over doing an outline took my spark right out of writing.
    2. Make sure you spend time on the outline, and don’t be afraid to go back and change it.
    3. I have a pin board and hopefully soon a whiteboard where all my outlines, characters and other useful materials get pinned and taped too.  Only the current WIP in the writing process goes up there though.
  5. Now write.  Write in intervals with goals if you need it.  I prefer sitting on my screen with the program darkroom where I can’t see anything else.  If you are having trouble put something inspirational on.  First try with just something in the background and if that fails watch something or go to a workshop.  I talk to authors online, and they know I talk a lot.
    1. WRITE FAST. Write the manuscript as fast as you can, when you edit it yourself that is where you can add and take out things.  If you change a name or a theme don’t stop and go fix it now.  That is the next step. (do however use the new name right away, otherwise you might get the dreaded writers block)
  6. Finish the book and say well done, and start to edit it.
    1. Editing for me comes in the form of me doing the first round, a close friend that is becoming an editor secondly and then readers to tell me what to change, then I will send it on to an agent.
    2. While I am editing though so I can start my next WIP.  I will start this process over again with the next book.

This is my own way of writing it might work for you, and it might now.  I have learned there is no right way for you to get your muse speaking.  There are many different ways to achieve it and guess what; you can do it your way.

 What makes an author unique is not coping others but doing something your own way.  Look at the biggest movie series out there now and book series and don’t yell at me for saying this but the Twilight saga is probably the most popular.   She didn’t copy anybodies stuff, her vampires are day walkers and they don’t just consume human blood.  They stay up all night and don’t sleep.  All the vampires I knew until then didn’t do that.  She stepped outside of the box.  That is what you have to do with your book, with your writing style, with your life. 

The biggest thing I have learned taking on this new journey of writing is creativity, passion, and the true meaning of being cursed (cursed because you can’t stop once you started).  There is so many different ways to write and for someone to write a book take true guts.  I thought it would be easier then learning to drive, but I was wrong.  Writing takes something out of you, and shows the whole world what you are and this makes us all AUTHORS.

What have you learned from writing?  Do you write books a different way?  Tell us let us know for we all need help.

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