Will be back shortly

Am totally doing long handed editting right now, so will be back to some interesting blogs when I finish the WIP

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Today editted over 20 pages today, the whole chapter 5.  at the end of this chapter was a very dirty scene that I forgot that was in the story.  The scene after the nake man is beat by the female nymph.  Maybe will work a little on the other WIP.   Also great article at Genreality.net

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Sneak peak

Just thought maybe you would like a sneak peak from the book I am workign on?  Let me know what you think? 

Just to let you know I took out a couple of lines just because I could.   

“The rain poured and didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon.  The magic though subsided a little on the trail he took to find his sister.  He found some trees that were covering where he hid some on his armor and gear, for a cave only had little protection from thieves.  He stripped off his clothes and put them in the trunk.  He stood in the circle of the trees and chanted an ancient song that he knew since birth.  There was a flash, and Gargan stood feeling the air tangle on his bare skin as human.  His eyes now were slotted and red.  Fangs still remained in his mouth like a panther.  He looked at himself and grew in anger.  He chanted it right and he didn’t change to his true self.  He felt the snap of magic through his body.  Somebody was trying to summon him, but it was weak and he could shake it off.  His sister’s face flashed in his head again and he clenched his fist.” (copyright belongs to Andrew McKay (Robert Yerges) only)


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So, today’s work included finish editting chapter four and getting ready to head out to brat days for event security.  Might start Chapter five, and I need to write more things in.  I’ve deleted alot that sort of was unneccasary.  With be adding prologue in the book after editting, a prophecy, and more detailed ending. Need to asked a reader when it gets that far if the ending was good.  Sort of cliffhanger. 

Does anyone have any advice for me on editting?

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Went today for a swim at the park and editted some of chapter four.  Had another dream to deal with the next WIP. 

This is starting to drive me a little crazy with the editting.  I love it and all, alot of tideous work though.  Also got told to stop using but when I type messages from Author William H. Johnson. 

So what was your day like?

P.S. What picture Should I use?


Slammin' Sundays

the winner

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Okay, today events include my editor checking to see if she was doing it the way that best way to work with me.  Found a happy way.  Cousin/friend/writing creatore (which means i discuss my book ideas with him)  told me the lover looks more like my gf and the other character loooks more compatible.  This also tells me that my characters are real.

Does this mean that the book will take on its own life?

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