WIP on 12/30/2010 and alot more transcribing to come

So the transcribing has began again.  If you don’t know, I am taking my first manuscript of  The Curse of The Gods, and combing that with this novel.  The trick with this is keeping it in the genre I am writing, they are both paranormal romance, but one is a lot more action and one is more of an evolving story if that makes any sense.  The other trick is taking Gargan, the main character, of the other story and putting him as a secondary character in this story.  I kept him in to make a story with him in a later date.  The story from that one only changed from looking for his sister, to looking for a gate, so that is easy to fix.  I finish chapter 1 of that story into this story in like thirty minutes so considering that it takes almost two hours to write a chapter for me, it is well worth it. 

So yeah this combining this is working, I might be a month behind, but I just fished NANO WRIMO at the end of December.  If I had this idea before I would have did it.  (LOL) 

Here is a line from the first book in the IPA series for your amusement.  “I couldn’t believe I was doing this with a dragon, I was supposed to be protecting the humans, I guess to protect many a few must die.  The humans valiantly tried to free themselves but they were held off the ground so their attempts caused them to just flail helplessly in the air.”  -from the IPA series first book when Slade is working with the dragon and not trying to kill each other, o yes they are on the same team, just well you know male dragons and male guardians.

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Moving the train along

My muse has woken back up, and we have been doing steady work, not finishing the current assignments from the workshops, but again we were going to do them when we had time, and we couldn’t write. Well, I am writing, the story is picking up steam. I am even putting nots on the side. I think it is very important to put the notes of what you are editing next to you, and not worrying about it while writing. For example I have these notes on the side now:

I need to change the meditation scene in the ship scene
the guns need to be more modern and not so future like
change one of the females to not yet fall for the other guy, that should be in the second book
change a characters description
expand a scene (I have what scene it is, I just don’t want to share it.)
Then I have other notes that tell me the next book in my dark paranormal romance series which come up while writing. While doing all of this I realized something was still missing, then it hit me, usually I have a college of all my characters right in front of me, sometimes they get printed out sometimes, they are my background, it is nice with windows 7 that I can have the desktop pictures change for more characters. Right now I have 13 pictures of my characters, 4 of them have two looks due to a portal jumping thing.

In our next meeting maybe I will print them out and bring them with. Does anyone else have some secrets to move along the “Train?”

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Epic failure

I just spent the last hour, almost two, trying to design something for the novel, and then realized that I was going to do something else with it, and not use the place I designed.

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