My new way of writing

My new and improved writing style.  I just wanted to put this out there for anybody that was curious of my writing style.  I am currently writing three stories at once, which I don’t recommend if you are writing for your first time.

My first novel was written at once as fast as I could but needed a lot of editting which was normal and okay.  Now though I tried for NanoWrimo to write long handed.  I found out by writing long handed when I put into my computer I can add more details, or take some out.  It makes it flow better.  Then I had to cure my other problem I had.

That problem was I would write myself to death.  My story was very interesting and all but I would write to death.  Look at this way, my brain was a car, and I would write till it was empty, and then need to fill up and couldn’t write for a week.  That was very unproductive.   During this refill I would take in other surrounding items in and figure new stories out and just write a sentence or two about it and come back after the novel.  The problem with this, for me at least was that I didn’t have inspiration anymore for that story, or my mind would wonder when I was writing the current W.I.P.

So I decided to write three stories at once, when a story idea comes to me I start it until I hit that empty phase.  This is usually a scene later.  Now though I have three stories I am thinking about constantly and I rotate through the stories, it is like I have three gas tanks now.  The fun part is these stories are so different from each other I can switch from one to the other without worring about overlapping details.

This is how I do it though, I start with one scene from one story, and when I finish that scene I go to the next story and do a scene, then the next.  I was asked the other day how do I keep all the stories straight, and that is they easiest answer I can give.  I have covers or character profiles in the binder in front of each story.  My characters are so very different that each character is somewhere in my head.

By doing this though my characters have been speaking to me like I am crazy.  I have to bring my binder now everywhere I go or my smart phone for details and let the characters loose.  One thing is nice though they never speak to each other, maybe fight to be the one I want to hear but then they tell me their stories.

I usually can control whose speaking and once I am on a roll I can write for long periods of time of that character.  I hit that state that every writer loves to be in.  I hit that space that is not reality but our Muse’s land.  (more info on muses, please read the MUSE, by Stacia Kelly)

I know someone is saying well I have many characters in one story and there is no way you can keep them apart.  I just want to point out this is my writing style and might not be right for everyone by I have one story that has 6 main characters, another story with 3 and that last one with 1 main and a lot of 2nd characters that was critical to keep track of.

Just thought I should share my style.

Andrew McKay

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