New Meeting 03/20/12 Agenda

MEETING 03/20/12



  1. Pitching
    1. Perfect the Pitch
    2. Have an anomaly for your protagonist
    3. Writing Series, Pitch First Book
    4. Don’t be a Secret Keeper
    5. Say Something about Character
    6. Book Goal


  1. Dialogue
    1. Cut the first few words
    2. Avoid telephone dialogue
    3. Write small actions and/or gestures
    4. Body language (Writing exercise)


  1. Characters
    1. Inner conflict in the protagonist
    2. Be more dimensional
    3. Larger than life
    4. Different character (Money, class, color, speech, & ETC)
    5. Sacrifices


  1. Scenes
    1. What is the immediate goal
    2. What gets in the way
    3. Action


  1. DESCRIPTION AND SETTING (Painting a scene)
    1. Use setting to develop atmosphere
    2. Use weather.
    3. Consider the quality of light in a scene.
    4. Use all five senses
    5. Sprinkle description throughout
    6. Vary the way you approach a similar setting.
    7. Words

                                                               i.      Use active verbs

                                                             ii.      Replace words you overuse.

                                                            iii.      Use specific and concrete language


  1. Goals
    1. Robert

                                                               i.      Agenda

                                                             ii.      6 Scenes or (refigured it) 5 k of words

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Tammy

                                                               i.      Minutes

                                                             ii.      Calendar

                                                            iii.      Start an outline

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Jaci

                                                               i.      7 pages (2100 words)

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Michele

                                                               i.      Write 14 days out of the 14 days

  1. (Robert’s take on this goal) 1k of words a day
    1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Shawna

                                                               i.      Making a schedule to attend at least one meeting a week due to volleyball

                                                             ii.      Blend two worlds (create) for her story

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Other Members

                                                               i.      For members not physically able to attend, will need to write at least 2K. 

                                                             ii.      Also if you need the lesson plan of what we talked about please comment below or show up at the meeting starting at 06:00 PM and ending at 07:30 at Apple Blossom inOshkosh,WI

  1. Talk about what we wrote about and other important information as long as it is not 12 shades of grey.  Also in this meeting we will try to avoid on which version of D&D we have played.  (Yes that just geeked us out.)
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