still honing my writing techniques

I am still honing my writing techniques.  I have changed it yet again, this time though I am not focusing on so much as how.  Before if, you recall it was just pen and paper.  This proved two things to me.  One is it is great to feel the writing flow in pen, and two it transcribes into a first edit.

So why the change, well because I like many before me am an amateur still finding what works for me.  I don’t care what books you read, what you were taught, by teachers, and other professional writers, if you want to write figure a routine that works for you.  You can still learn a lot of the others, but you need to blend it in your own way.

I have learned so much in the last year, of getting my novel published.  First of all, writing as fast as you can is GOLD.  Do it, don’t hesitate, those voices that are talking to you won’t wait forever, and when they leave they don’t like to come back.  Second of all, when you have a story idea, jot it down.

Look at it this way, you have this idea, this voice, this man in your head saying screw the book you are on, write me.  Feed that voice a little jot it down, I don’t start the story, and I write a summary or notes about the story.  It can be a page long to a sentence.   I then continue the story I am on.  Once I finish writing my story, I take a week or so and look at the new story ideas, talk to friends that are beta readers or just plain old friends.  I bounce around story ideas that I took notes on, than BAM , a story takes a hold of me or several.  A hurricane forms, tornadoes touch down and ideas are flowing through my head at unbelievable rates.  I still only jot down notes, get pictures of the characters.  Then the storm calms and I go back to the story I just written with, tears and blood and tear it a new one.  I edit the crap out of it.

At this point, I am so sick of it I usually send it to a beta reader to get the first insights on it.  They give it back, saying good story but what the hell happened here; it looks like you had a heart attack writing it or a stroke.  I usually say fuck off, and then go back to the book and work on it more.  They attacked my birth, my joy, why did I let them do it.

I will tell you why, because their expression, their gratitude, the joy of entertaining their most in-depth part of their mind was exuberating.  I made them feel the story, I made them part of the story as much as I was writing it.  The characters spoke through them, and really isn’t that why we write.

Then more edits come, and more corrections, if it sounds good to me, I let more beta readers read it.  Then when it finally passes the last approval, it is time to have it published for all.

So anyways, I will be writing one story at a time averaging 4 hours if possible a day.  I know Nora Roberts spends a minimum of 8hrs a day but for me that would be very hard.  I just don’t have the time for I have another job outside of writing.  Maybe if writing was my full time job I could do the 8 hrs but right now I will treat it like a part time job.

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