Yup, I took that first step.  Yeah you know that first step on the moon. The first step you took when you were a baby.  That first step you took leaving you parent’s house.  All those first steps for me now led me to self publishing Gone Rogue, by A. McKay.

This is what happened, I came to work one day and my boss was sitting at his desk.  I sat down in my normal, what now kind of way.  He then said you ever think of using  It is a free print on demand and eBook publisher.  I got yeah I am trying to pay for another company to do it.  The word free though stuck in my head.  He then describes the way they worked.


One thing lead to another and now my book is available through Gone Rogue.


Why not traditional Robert?  The truth and only reason it wasn’t traditional was well I am a male writer in the romance genre.  I can’t even get an agent to read past my name.  Yes my real name that is on top of the business letter with my contact information.


So talking with my boss and agreeing maybe I needed to get my brand out there, my name known to in the writing world I could reach for the stars once again.   In 6-8 weeks the site says it will be available on Amazon.  I do not know if that includes the kindle, but if not I will add it to the kindle myself.

Please stay tuned for my website should be developed soon.

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