New Book for NANOWRIMO

This year we will be doing NANOWRIMO again for the writers group and for my own personal goal.   As I am working on the new story, “Gone Veiled,”  I need to come up with a story plan for NANOWRIMO.  (Go to for more information)

It was a usual october day at the mall doing my daily job at the mall.  Then it hit me, this story came from no where.  It excited me, it brought a concept I wasn’t sure if I could write.  I am still not sure if I can write it, but I am going to try.   It is going to be a fantasy novel, possibly even a stand-alone.   Maybe a stand-alone, I love series, so that might change, it will be up to the narrator of the this story.  I am not going to stop how I write it in any shape or form.   If it turns out to be on the more young adult side, so be it.  If it turned outs to be adult fantasy, so be it.   If it is 256k words or 70k words, so be it.     This story is going to take my writing into a new realm of possibilities.

So what is the story you might ask, well I am not quite sure yet but here is what I have in my head so far:

 Part of the Prologue (if I have one)

Shinigamis law of death have been broken, they can kill whoever and whenever they want.  They take the soul of their victims.  They look and wreak of death and decay.  They have town back gowns and the most horrid faces ever seen.  Once they find their victims, they start to stock them and only after the victim is in utterless fear, is the soul weak enough to be observed.

I don’t know which character(/s) we will start to follow but I think it might be what I call (Squad B).  They are a group of fairies that with the possible power of light will hunt down these grim reapers(american term), and return the to binding of the law of death.  The fairies life is stronger for souls and the after life are tied in with the renewal of the light and mother earth.

Now through the fairies they will meet each character of (squad A) which include a wizard, a demon, and a dragon.   The wizard has created bracelets that can hide the magic most witches and wizards to conceal them from being drain and killed for their magic.  (Or I might have him searching for the bracelet or how a dragon keeps their power hidden.)   The dragon will be human form because he is bored and wants to find this secret clan of Shinigami’s and fairies.  The demon appears because he is being tracked by a demon slayer and possibly dragon slayer.   (This part will be full of laughs.)  Might include the bounty hunter also do to the demon using magic to piss off the slayers.

They will all accidentally start saving people from the Shinigami’s and other natural things by accident and so on.   I am still trying to figure out the rest of the story but that is what I got so far.

More planning will be going on this month and writing of this book will start the next month for NANO.


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A little here and there

So I have been working now for about 2 days with my neew partner.  The biggest issue in my book is punction and right order of things.  It can be read as it stands but it will read alot smoother when we get it done.  I am happy so far with the work and figure it can only get better.  The funny thing is that half the semi-colons that I have to put in I had in.  Then a beta-reader said they didn’t think they should be in there.  At least we are moving forward now though.   I also think this might be better to get published then, the first chapter was re-shaped.

Yeah, he was going to miss the extra power and the highest of clearance

-Gone Rogue

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New Editor equals a second edition of Gone Rogue reworked

So I added a new partner to my writing and we are revising Gone Rogue for a second release with smoother writing.    He is very good on grammar and punctuation and is working on the books as I type this.  I should be working on the chapter we redid already.  Maybe I should have him correct this.   Anyways he is so far a good editor not losing my voice which is what you guys love.  So here is new adventures.

due to security of the agency, you needed a damn good reason to be leaving

-Gone Rogue (2nd edition)

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