2 days off are over

I took 2 days off from writing to do some personal things.,  Now I am back, my brain is partly focus.   I am going to continue the way I’ve been doing, but I found out if I do all the dialogue, it is very easy to reach my word count.  So this chapter is 4706 words or about 35 WPM.   I was watching tv also and yesterday almost seemed to be a waste on writing.  I did though love how this scene turned out, in which most guys have done before.

“Ask yourself, have they ever asked your thoughts, have they ever traveled this land, the realm of death or the Demon Gates.”  He meant to keep it calm, but he knew he went to far.  The silence she gave back for that moment was all he could handle without slicing his own throat. “They sit in their chambers, they do not care no more of this land for power has corrupted them.”

“You do not know what you speak of”  She lost some of the edgeneess, her sharp tongue for he knew he was right, but for a man to confront her it, was a fool indeed.

“You hesitated, you know I speak the truth,” He considered himself a fool now for there was no stopping his tongue.

“I suppose you could do better,” she said with a straight face, and a her voice now cold as Ice.  He rather have faced a squad of demons with razor sharp weapons that to face her now.



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Wow, did he just write that…Why, yes I did.

So far I can only manage 2 hrs of writing but my detailed outlines takes at least ten minutes.  I am doing good, but didn’t write yet today due to still be at work.   Anyways a fellow nanowrimor post some of his book so I said maybe I will on my site.  Here it is, I meant to do this before anyways:

So far day 2 of nano because that is when I started:

The land did not shake, nor did it crack in
thunder.  Something greater happened,
something worse, a law was broken.

Day 3

The path they followed gave way to more of the terrain.  The path looked to be whre even the mountain gave up on trying to climb it.  Yet this man climbed, walked it like it was nothing at all.  The stones changed color from the pale tans to the more black and siddic like they were burned into place.

“I hate to bother you but where are we going?”  Silence followed the words except for the wind that blew a cool breeze across the sky.   It seemed to be forever before he spoke again

“I am going home, you are going…” he stopped and turned to face Bladebee in the face, “away.”

Day 4

She looked so calm, not lost between the emotions that plagued her for all the time that he traveled with her.

“GET UP YOU LARD ARSE!” He yelled, birds flew from the trees, the air in his lungs turned to heat as her eyes bolted open.

So there you have it, when I post my word count for the day, I will add some more.

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Day 4 (3)

Betweet 8 and 10 at night.  I worked this mornig so I made that knowledge part with the outline part in the morning.  Then I wrote tonight to write over 5k to get me just uner 14k.  I am liking this method but am exhuasted. Tomorrow another morning hour and church in evenig.  SO far I can only manager 2 straight hours of writing.,   Keep it up fellow NANOWRIMOR’s

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Nano day 3 (2k-10k day 2)

So today I wrote 2 hours from 1230-230 and produced 4k.  I was alone and just music.

almost 9 k for nano now.  Avaging 4k a session or 2k an hour

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Worked well the 1st day

Still trying the 2k to 10k meathod, I think I need to get more detailed in the outline.  I was able to make 5k though yesterday.  That was 2.5 hrs of work 4-7.

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So no writing actually took place but the map and pictures are done.  Now it is time to get the work done.   I will be writing what I want to write method.    Visit http://blog.karenwoodward.org/2012/11/how-to-write-10000-words-day.html to read more about the method.

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