How ideas become novels

So I am sitting in the office, waiting for something to happen, when I decided maybe I should write a post.  A post that might help writers, or wanna-be writers.   So what is the difference, between being an author and wanna-be?  The only thing I see is the drive, the drive to write, to finish a book.    Like a friend always tells me when I get off topic, “Shut up and write.”


Now some might say that being self-published does not give me the right to talk about it, but to them I just say shut up, unless you are one of my favorite authors, then I say shut up and write because I am waiting for the next story from you.


Really though, that is not what I am wanting to talk about.  As I run a local writers group, I wanted a topic that they could read to see what and how I come up with the millions and millions of ideas.  By the way I jot them down in a folder with the idea anytime I get one so I don’t forget it.  Usually they end up being combined with other ideas because they are similar or because they would work well together.  For example, an idea I had is sort of a cross between pixies (yes tinkerbells) and zombies.  (Think tinkerbell dressed in Goth clothes controlling people by eating and hiding inside their brain.)


Now, though I had another story pop in my brain, I would like to share how it came too since that is always the question on non-writers mind.


I was just was walking down the hallway, when a bitter chill whipped through my body.  I literally said damn.  Then it hit me, what would happen if a fire breathing dragon felt the same feeling.  (Since in my mind Dragons would use magic to look like humans to not be disturbed as much)   I continued on, and then I asked myself, okay so the predicted end of the world didn’t happen, in which the dragon would have been laughing about for the humans were so dumb on thinking that, what would he be doing.


I figured he wouldn’t have a job, because well he is older that old and is richer that Richie Rich (remember the movie, yeah…)  So I don’t know if other writers do this but it just comes natural too me, perhaps cause of my security job or because I just like to know things, but my mind goes to overdrive in questions about the dragon, where he lives and etc.


I figure if I wanted to know about him, so would my readers, hopefully.  I really don’t care if I write this story just to have it for me to read later on in my years, for friends and family or if I get it published.  Don’t get me wrong, when you get published it brings a whole new excitement, but I really just enjoy playing with my imagination.


So since this idea just came too me, not really sure where, but it came I can’t really discuss the character more, but I do know he is traveling, trying to find something, something that is very important.   He might be trying to find the cure to that chill, why did he feel that, or just maybe he will end up in the pixie story, and again maybe not.


Since though, I am currently writing a story back with Feudal Japan similarities I won’t force myself to really think about it.  I know I will make a folder for it or a sheet with what I thought about now, even if it is just a character sheet, because you never know where I might hear him shouting or throwing fire at me.

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