Note taking while writing

I was sitting on the chair with the Packer VS 49ers game on the Television.  It was a great time, for the words flew from my hands.  I couldn’t type fast enough it seemed.  The only problem is, I don’t get that feeling all the time.  Usually at that time on Saturday night I am ready to go to bed, but no I continued to write.  I don’t know if it because of my note taking I force myself to do after each time I write.


The story might change but I preplan the story, keep notes and ask myself where do I want to go from here.  So after last night this is what my notes looked like  minus anything that would give the story away.



01/12/13 10,297 Saturday[O1]  (look below for comments)

Wrote 1767 on Saturday night at 20:30 watching the packer game. This was a well thought session.[O2]
Successfully wrote:
the meeting of the white unicorn
trying to correct hisnew wife (pairing) life
Seron = (1/2 part)…..Sorry can’t spill the beans
Great sense of smell, speed, and hearing. (threw axe, beheaded rabbit)
Also confused on the change
Ryou = (1/2 part)…..Sorry can’t spill the beans
Great sense of smell, sight, hearing, speed, strength and gut feeling (First to sense the danger in the village
Got sick at first change
First to bow to the unicorn
Are the girls unicorns?[O4]




Now sometimes I will add what I want to happen next, but since that will give my story away I didn’t keep it in here.

 [O1]Date, total words per book and day.  To keep track of words

 [O2]How many words did I write.  What was on, how much thinking did take place or was it pure writing

 [O3]Character notes

 [O4]A question to ask my beta readers

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  1. Funny, what the 49er vs. Packers game had my mind thinking is not suitable for a G rated blog.
    Usually when I am just drifting to sleep the ideas come flooding in and I now keep a notebook on my nightstand for that reason

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