another week goes by

I have delayed my writing due to a death in the family, but my mind is starting to come back in focus.  At least as much focus as I had before.  My story is very interesting so far, surprises keep turning up even for me.   The newest thing for me is I was thinking of taking a class in writing.  I think the cost justifies the means.


I am still keeping notes on the story, which I think will help in the long hand, especially the editing process.   The goal is to make writing a full time job, I just need to get it in the habit and the drive that full time authors have.

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Wow, did he just write that…Why, yes I did.

So far I can only manage 2 hrs of writing but my detailed outlines takes at least ten minutes.  I am doing good, but didn’t write yet today due to still be at work.   Anyways a fellow nanowrimor post some of his book so I said maybe I will on my site.  Here it is, I meant to do this before anyways:

So far day 2 of nano because that is when I started:

The land did not shake, nor did it crack in
thunder.  Something greater happened,
something worse, a law was broken.

Day 3

The path they followed gave way to more of the terrain.  The path looked to be whre even the mountain gave up on trying to climb it.  Yet this man climbed, walked it like it was nothing at all.  The stones changed color from the pale tans to the more black and siddic like they were burned into place.

“I hate to bother you but where are we going?”  Silence followed the words except for the wind that blew a cool breeze across the sky.   It seemed to be forever before he spoke again

“I am going home, you are going…” he stopped and turned to face Bladebee in the face, “away.”

Day 4

She looked so calm, not lost between the emotions that plagued her for all the time that he traveled with her.

“GET UP YOU LARD ARSE!” He yelled, birds flew from the trees, the air in his lungs turned to heat as her eyes bolted open.

So there you have it, when I post my word count for the day, I will add some more.

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So no writing actually took place but the map and pictures are done.  Now it is time to get the work done.   I will be writing what I want to write method.    Visit to read more about the method.

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This month

So I started this month not realizing I joined the NANO WRIMO.  I am proud of how its going though.  I also opened a writers group at Apple Blossom.  So I have some stats I wanted to share with you.

Words Written Today

34032 – Word CountTotal
2127-average Words per Day  (thats okay, but I can do better.)
Nov 24 -At This Rate You Will Finish On
14- Days Remaining
15968- Total Words Remaining
1141-Words per Day to Finish on Time
I will achieve this, however after I reach the 50 k I need to get back to some editting of that first novel.
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Today editted over 20 pages today, the whole chapter 5.  at the end of this chapter was a very dirty scene that I forgot that was in the story.  The scene after the nake man is beat by the female nymph.  Maybe will work a little on the other WIP.   Also great article at

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So, today’s work included finish editting chapter four and getting ready to head out to brat days for event security.  Might start Chapter five, and I need to write more things in.  I’ve deleted alot that sort of was unneccasary.  With be adding prologue in the book after editting, a prophecy, and more detailed ending. Need to asked a reader when it gets that far if the ending was good.  Sort of cliffhanger. 

Does anyone have any advice for me on editting?

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Went today for a swim at the park and editted some of chapter four.  Had another dream to deal with the next WIP. 

This is starting to drive me a little crazy with the editting.  I love it and all, alot of tideous work though.  Also got told to stop using but when I type messages from Author William H. Johnson. 

So what was your day like?

P.S. What picture Should I use?


Slammin' Sundays

the winner

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Okay, today events include my editor checking to see if she was doing it the way that best way to work with me.  Found a happy way.  Cousin/friend/writing creatore (which means i discuss my book ideas with him)  told me the lover looks more like my gf and the other character loooks more compatible.  This also tells me that my characters are real.

Does this mean that the book will take on its own life?

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Trying something sort of new

Well, I will try to keep up with this blog, but please bare with me.   I write for but it won’t be so involved like this one.  

So today, my plans are writing/editting my current WIP’s and to play tennis.  No I don’t play tennis, but like I tell everybody, try something new.  I’ve played it once before and I know the rules, and the shots.

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