Hit By A Freight Train

I was hit by a freight train, the muse I asked to wake up, woke up with a conductors hat. I was surprise though that on the train that she moved was not the novel I am currently working on. It is another story, a story that will be an experiment of being written in just over 2 weeks. Not edited, but written, about 100k worth of words organized and patterned to create a story. Every free moment I get I will be writing. I want to average over 8k a day. I am hopefully aiming for 16 days.

I will punch in on a time clock and write. My hands will not stop moving, if I get stuck I will simple put *** (COME BACK) ***. Today my research will be done and will count in the progress. I will have the story done for my writers group in 2 weeks’ time. I am going to call this a writing marathon and see if it works. I will try to write in my notepad every day on the progress and what I feel like. Hopefully this works.

May my fingers not bleed?

A. McKay

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But…but, if I read now, won’t that delay my writing?


Reading is the fundamental block to any author.  It will teach you techniques, clichés, and even how to correctly use the right words in the story you are writing right now.


Right now, you are reading, hopefully being inspired on your next masterpiece, which in that case, may I have a signed copy?    You need to study what you are reading, memorize the techniques, the way he or she brought you into the story.  Why can’t you put it down?   Learn why you can’t put it down, you are just as talented as that author in your own right.


I owe a lot of my writing to Katie MacAlister, Gena Showalter, and Candice Havens.   When I read their stories, their books let me sink deeply into their world, lets me see how they write, how they develop the stories.  One of the biggest bits I learned from reading their stories is how to add humor in but not overdoing it.  I have also read Nora Robert’s stories, the queen of romance, her love scenes are something that most readers and writers would want to emulate.


I have another example of stories that move me, taught me how to write that scene that drags you through the screams and movements.  Every time I read erotic author, Sasha White’s Stories, I learn how to weave romance in just a little better.   I am not writing what she writes but romance does play a lot in my stories.


So…no reading won’t magically bring the author out in you, but it will help you get through those tough scenes.  Some people will say it is copying, but really, you are not copying their ideas or words, but their way of teaching you how to write that killer scene, that scene, a year down the road, somebody will say, “Man that is just like, blah…blah, in your book.”


I am not telling you to stop writing, or to stop reading what you are currently reading because you are reading a non-fiction novel on the civil war.   I am saying that reading is not bad for you when it comes to writing.  You don’t need to read that genre that you are writing.  Like it or not, what you are reading though, will shape your story, bring out a different bit of your writing technique into play.


There is trick to this though, and that is balance.  Balance is the key to everything great in life.  If your mind is not balance, your life is not balance, or if you are reading the entire time and not really paying attention to the story, most likely if you’re speed reading the story, this will cause harm to your writing.   If you look at any sport, any activity in life, and you are not balanced, it suffers.


For example, I am a golfer, at first I was a hacker, but I read everything about golf, watch movies after movies, even bought myself a training video.  The thing like in writing, I practiced the techniques, I studied every movement, that coming year I was at top of a game, I dropped more than 30 strokes off my game by doing it.  I was down to a handicap of 3 which is considered really good for amateur golfers.   Then life kept getting in the way, my golfing went downhill.  I didn’t know why it was suffering, but the ball no longer could seem to find the short grass.   I looked at everything again, and again, and it wasn’t helping.  Then I learned about balanced, my mind was not there where it should have been.  Just like that golfing was back to where it should have been.


So read, but pace yourself.  Write, I would say pace yourself, but face it you need to write as fast as you can.  Pace the story though, don’t rush through scenes here and there to get to the exciting ones.  Smell the lilacs on the side of the road, drag the reader into the life of your book.

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1st or 3rd

I wrote well today, getting just over 1k an hour.   It is the same story I was working for NANOWRIMO but now it is being written in 1st person POV instead of third.

The trick between knowing which POV to write is to start writing it, and the characters will tell you.  I thought it was goign to be 3rd but I couldn’t get it out like i wanted too.  So now I did first person and think it is flowing better.


“for me to deny it would have been a foolish act, and for now I kept that to myself.”

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On the road again, well writing road

I just got back from a fun SCUBA diving trip and feel refreshed and sun burnt.  I don’t know why but it got me in the mood to write.  I’be been wanting to for awhile but kept back tracking.  Now thought, now it is full steam ahead. Maybe it is from the excitement of the dive, finding thy barried treasure, okay lost fishing poles.  Maybe it was the relaxation that I experience under the water.

I don’t know but I sure feel back, the stress of life not anchoring me down.  Yeah, you see that, I said anchoring because I dove off a boat.  I know so lame, that is why I belong to SoLame Writers group, (its on facebook).   So just remember find something to get rid of that stress, which sometimes includes writing and do it.  Don’t let anything hold you back, unless of course it is against the law.  Then don’t do it, and call for help.  Thanks again for reading Gone Rogue, available on lulu.com/spotlight/robyerges and on the kindle.   Also alaivale at Apple Blossom bookstore in Oshkosh.

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still honing my writing techniques

I am still honing my writing techniques.  I have changed it yet again, this time though I am not focusing on so much as how.  Before if, you recall it was just pen and paper.  This proved two things to me.  One is it is great to feel the writing flow in pen, and two it transcribes into a first edit.

So why the change, well because I like many before me am an amateur still finding what works for me.  I don’t care what books you read, what you were taught, by teachers, and other professional writers, if you want to write figure a routine that works for you.  You can still learn a lot of the others, but you need to blend it in your own way.

I have learned so much in the last year, of getting my novel published.  First of all, writing as fast as you can is GOLD.  Do it, don’t hesitate, those voices that are talking to you won’t wait forever, and when they leave they don’t like to come back.  Second of all, when you have a story idea, jot it down.

Look at it this way, you have this idea, this voice, this man in your head saying screw the book you are on, write me.  Feed that voice a little jot it down, I don’t start the story, and I write a summary or notes about the story.  It can be a page long to a sentence.   I then continue the story I am on.  Once I finish writing my story, I take a week or so and look at the new story ideas, talk to friends that are beta readers or just plain old friends.  I bounce around story ideas that I took notes on, than BAM , a story takes a hold of me or several.  A hurricane forms, tornadoes touch down and ideas are flowing through my head at unbelievable rates.  I still only jot down notes, get pictures of the characters.  Then the storm calms and I go back to the story I just written with, tears and blood and tear it a new one.  I edit the crap out of it.

At this point, I am so sick of it I usually send it to a beta reader to get the first insights on it.  They give it back, saying good story but what the hell happened here; it looks like you had a heart attack writing it or a stroke.  I usually say fuck off, and then go back to the book and work on it more.  They attacked my birth, my joy, why did I let them do it.

I will tell you why, because their expression, their gratitude, the joy of entertaining their most in-depth part of their mind was exuberating.  I made them feel the story, I made them part of the story as much as I was writing it.  The characters spoke through them, and really isn’t that why we write.

Then more edits come, and more corrections, if it sounds good to me, I let more beta readers read it.  Then when it finally passes the last approval, it is time to have it published for all.

So anyways, I will be writing one story at a time averaging 4 hours if possible a day.  I know Nora Roberts spends a minimum of 8hrs a day but for me that would be very hard.  I just don’t have the time for I have another job outside of writing.  Maybe if writing was my full time job I could do the 8 hrs but right now I will treat it like a part time job.

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HURRAY! I have finished my first manuscript and here are my insights of doing it!

My first manuscript is done, hurray!  I know it will be better if I had it published but one goal at a time.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me for editing and finding the right people and maybe this one won’t even get published.  I will tell you something though, I don’t care.  I finished a book and I learned so much on the way.  I have already begun the next process for the next book.   I would love to share you my steps in making a book according to me.

  1. Come up with an idea.  Don’t turn any idea you got away, for this is brainstorming.  Maybe you can use one the other ideas in the current idea of the book.   
  2. Tell someone else your idea.  You don’t want to be totally into the story and then find out the whole thing don’t make sense. 
  3. For me but maybe different for other authors, I create my characters.  The names which can always be changed and what they look like
    1. To go with the names and description, I type sort of a bio in the description. 
    2. I then make pictures in adobe photo shop but the free version Gimp will work also of what the character will look like.  After I made the pictures though I create a background on my desktop so I keep focused.
  4. Then I make and outline and do research at the same time.  I have a busy life and won’t remember half the stuff I looked up.
    1. The outline though will be the bare minimum.  I learned that over doing an outline took my spark right out of writing.
    2. Make sure you spend time on the outline, and don’t be afraid to go back and change it.
    3. I have a pin board and hopefully soon a whiteboard where all my outlines, characters and other useful materials get pinned and taped too.  Only the current WIP in the writing process goes up there though.
  5. Now write.  Write in intervals with goals if you need it.  I prefer sitting on my screen with the program darkroom where I can’t see anything else.  If you are having trouble put something inspirational on.  First try with just something in the background and if that fails watch something or go to a workshop.  I talk to authors online, and they know I talk a lot.
    1. WRITE FAST. Write the manuscript as fast as you can, when you edit it yourself that is where you can add and take out things.  If you change a name or a theme don’t stop and go fix it now.  That is the next step. (do however use the new name right away, otherwise you might get the dreaded writers block)
  6. Finish the book and say well done, and start to edit it.
    1. Editing for me comes in the form of me doing the first round, a close friend that is becoming an editor secondly and then readers to tell me what to change, then I will send it on to an agent.
    2. While I am editing though so I can start my next WIP.  I will start this process over again with the next book.

This is my own way of writing it might work for you, and it might now.  I have learned there is no right way for you to get your muse speaking.  There are many different ways to achieve it and guess what; you can do it your way.

 What makes an author unique is not coping others but doing something your own way.  Look at the biggest movie series out there now and book series and don’t yell at me for saying this but the Twilight saga is probably the most popular.   She didn’t copy anybodies stuff, her vampires are day walkers and they don’t just consume human blood.  They stay up all night and don’t sleep.  All the vampires I knew until then didn’t do that.  She stepped outside of the box.  That is what you have to do with your book, with your writing style, with your life. 

The biggest thing I have learned taking on this new journey of writing is creativity, passion, and the true meaning of being cursed (cursed because you can’t stop once you started).  There is so many different ways to write and for someone to write a book take true guts.  I thought it would be easier then learning to drive, but I was wrong.  Writing takes something out of you, and shows the whole world what you are and this makes us all AUTHORS.

What have you learned from writing?  Do you write books a different way?  Tell us let us know for we all need help.

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Sex, Sex, and More Sex

Sex scenes, are probably the most unique scenes in a whole book.  Every sex scene I have ever encounter this far has its own twist. I figured that when I was writing, the sex scenes would form themselves.  Well, I was sort of wrong.  While writing, I did find that sex seems to come into the story.  However, when writing the scene itself, it gets very confusing to me. This is probably due to me being a male.  So what is the best way to write the part where the two lead characters make passionate love?   To answer this question at my stage of writing would be total B.S.   I can only give examples, of some that I read and what I found were very interesting.

            So, I chose a random book out of my collection that I need to read yet and came up with Candace Havens, Take Me If You Dare.  I just read the scene where they did very hardcore four-play.  I noticed that she uses very seductive words, for example she uses the word growl, and I mean how many women love to hear their man growl their name in the bed.  Of course I am a male writing this, so I totally am out of my bubble when talking about these kinds of scenes.  I also noticed that she didn’t focus on just one of the characters; she bounces from the two and had you knowing exactly how it felt to each individual involved.


            Also, in a sex scene you have to be very thorough in description.  For some reason when it comes to these lovely scenes, the reader needs to be able to imagine an almost identical image to the one that the writer is thinking about.  Other areas of the book may get a little vague in details so the reader can be creative themselves, but when it comes down to the hard, vibrant, pulsing scenes that draw readers in, you need to be precise.  For example, from Take Me If You Dare, Candace Havens wrote, “As he moved his hand over her breast, his other slid down lower to the triangle of cloth between hew legs.  The first touch in the folds of softness sent her body pressing into his.”  The way she described it, even if it was hard and intense, she spoke softly in the description.  There was no grasping or crying in pleasure, the female character just reacts by pressing herself into the male character. That reaction showed the readers how good and intense the sensation felt. 

            To me the sex scenes need to be more descriptive then verbal.  I mean how do you like a scene where the characters said “O baby, that’s the spot.”  He fingered deeper. “Right there baby.”  There is no depth in that.  Here is what I think, maybe instead of being so verbal; the scene could be more like this. Please remember that this is purely from a male perspective. 

She moaned in pleasure, thrusting more and more onto her lover’s fingers.  She felt the pressure building and felt in total lost.   Her cries continued to grow when he whispered to her making his lips vibrate on her clit.  She needed the release; she wanted to remember the pure joy of the act.  She thrusted again this time, feeling her own wetness on his fingers and tongue. 

            I am a beginning writer, and to create these kinds of scenes is probably the most difficult for me to do. Basically, I am trying to find ways to make my love scenes into the scenes you don’t forget about.  The ones that make you drool want to find your lover.  Those are the scenes that make “a book” into “The book.”

I also want to remind you that yes I am a male writer, and my editor, even for these blogs, is a woman, so maybe my scenes won’t end up so male oriented after all.  So why don’t you help me and other writers by telling us how do you spice up the book?

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Different writes for different people

  How do you write?  I have been noticing while reading other people’s work and listening to what others read, books differ not just from point of view but from the way it was written.  For this topic though, I will compare two books in third person point of view.  The books are not important but the way they are read are. 

            One book has it based by the main character, or by the main character.  There might be other main characters, but it is almost like first person, just that it is well third.  Basically it stays in that characters area, and doesn’t spread out.

            The other book is based on multiple characters and each character has their own story.  So character A is on a journey to Mount Olympus, while the other character maybe his sister, is learning that life is hard without her brother.  They are still mixed but, could really stand apart if they had to be.

            The pro’s and cons could vary in each type, other readers like different ways.  One might like the story being complex, and multiple settings.  They might like to know what the evil vampire is up to now.  While someone else can come over and read the same work, and be dragged through that.  Then on the other side, a reader could love be in this characters head, and knowing what the environment around her is doing, it might be said this could be easily a first person story. 

            Here’s the kicker though when you are writing, can you bounce from character to character, and stay in character.   Yes, I just used three characters in one sentence.   When I first started my book, I tried to bounce around, and around to get the reader to know the whole story.  I then found out I was making the story to complex, and to many bounces.  I erased the evil character side of the story, and now focus on the five main characters. 

            Now the question is, as a writer, what do you prefer to write, as a reader what do you prefer to read?  Is there a right way and a wrong way?    You won’t learn if you don’t expand your brain, so share your thoughts, and hit the comment button!

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