Worked well the 1st day

Still trying the 2k to 10k meathod, I think I need to get more detailed in the outline.  I was able to make 5k though yesterday.  That was 2.5 hrs of work 4-7.

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So no writing actually took place but the map and pictures are done.  Now it is time to get the work done.   I will be writing what I want to write method.    Visit to read more about the method.

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New Book for NANOWRIMO

This year we will be doing NANOWRIMO again for the writers group and for my own personal goal.   As I am working on the new story, “Gone Veiled,”  I need to come up with a story plan for NANOWRIMO.  (Go to for more information)

It was a usual october day at the mall doing my daily job at the mall.  Then it hit me, this story came from no where.  It excited me, it brought a concept I wasn’t sure if I could write.  I am still not sure if I can write it, but I am going to try.   It is going to be a fantasy novel, possibly even a stand-alone.   Maybe a stand-alone, I love series, so that might change, it will be up to the narrator of the this story.  I am not going to stop how I write it in any shape or form.   If it turns out to be on the more young adult side, so be it.  If it turned outs to be adult fantasy, so be it.   If it is 256k words or 70k words, so be it.     This story is going to take my writing into a new realm of possibilities.

So what is the story you might ask, well I am not quite sure yet but here is what I have in my head so far:

 Part of the Prologue (if I have one)

Shinigamis law of death have been broken, they can kill whoever and whenever they want.  They take the soul of their victims.  They look and wreak of death and decay.  They have town back gowns and the most horrid faces ever seen.  Once they find their victims, they start to stock them and only after the victim is in utterless fear, is the soul weak enough to be observed.

I don’t know which character(/s) we will start to follow but I think it might be what I call (Squad B).  They are a group of fairies that with the possible power of light will hunt down these grim reapers(american term), and return the to binding of the law of death.  The fairies life is stronger for souls and the after life are tied in with the renewal of the light and mother earth.

Now through the fairies they will meet each character of (squad A) which include a wizard, a demon, and a dragon.   The wizard has created bracelets that can hide the magic most witches and wizards to conceal them from being drain and killed for their magic.  (Or I might have him searching for the bracelet or how a dragon keeps their power hidden.)   The dragon will be human form because he is bored and wants to find this secret clan of Shinigami’s and fairies.  The demon appears because he is being tracked by a demon slayer and possibly dragon slayer.   (This part will be full of laughs.)  Might include the bounty hunter also do to the demon using magic to piss off the slayers.

They will all accidentally start saving people from the Shinigami’s and other natural things by accident and so on.   I am still trying to figure out the rest of the story but that is what I got so far.

More planning will be going on this month and writing of this book will start the next month for NANO.


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A little here and there

So I have been working now for about 2 days with my neew partner.  The biggest issue in my book is punction and right order of things.  It can be read as it stands but it will read alot smoother when we get it done.  I am happy so far with the work and figure it can only get better.  The funny thing is that half the semi-colons that I have to put in I had in.  Then a beta-reader said they didn’t think they should be in there.  At least we are moving forward now though.   I also think this might be better to get published then, the first chapter was re-shaped.

Yeah, he was going to miss the extra power and the highest of clearance

-Gone Rogue

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New Editor equals a second edition of Gone Rogue reworked

So I added a new partner to my writing and we are revising Gone Rogue for a second release with smoother writing.    He is very good on grammar and punctuation and is working on the books as I type this.  I should be working on the chapter we redid already.  Maybe I should have him correct this.   Anyways he is so far a good editor not losing my voice which is what you guys love.  So here is new adventures.

due to security of the agency, you needed a damn good reason to be leaving

-Gone Rogue (2nd edition)

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On the road again, well writing road

I just got back from a fun SCUBA diving trip and feel refreshed and sun burnt.  I don’t know why but it got me in the mood to write.  I’be been wanting to for awhile but kept back tracking.  Now thought, now it is full steam ahead. Maybe it is from the excitement of the dive, finding thy barried treasure, okay lost fishing poles.  Maybe it was the relaxation that I experience under the water.

I don’t know but I sure feel back, the stress of life not anchoring me down.  Yeah, you see that, I said anchoring because I dove off a boat.  I know so lame, that is why I belong to SoLame Writers group, (its on facebook).   So just remember find something to get rid of that stress, which sometimes includes writing and do it.  Don’t let anything hold you back, unless of course it is against the law.  Then don’t do it, and call for help.  Thanks again for reading Gone Rogue, available on and on the kindle.   Also alaivale at Apple Blossom bookstore in Oshkosh.

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Yup, I took that first step.  Yeah you know that first step on the moon. The first step you took when you were a baby.  That first step you took leaving you parent’s house.  All those first steps for me now led me to self publishing Gone Rogue, by A. McKay.

This is what happened, I came to work one day and my boss was sitting at his desk.  I sat down in my normal, what now kind of way.  He then said you ever think of using  It is a free print on demand and eBook publisher.  I got yeah I am trying to pay for another company to do it.  The word free though stuck in my head.  He then describes the way they worked.


One thing lead to another and now my book is available through Gone Rogue.


Why not traditional Robert?  The truth and only reason it wasn’t traditional was well I am a male writer in the romance genre.  I can’t even get an agent to read past my name.  Yes my real name that is on top of the business letter with my contact information.


So talking with my boss and agreeing maybe I needed to get my brand out there, my name known to in the writing world I could reach for the stars once again.   In 6-8 weeks the site says it will be available on Amazon.  I do not know if that includes the kindle, but if not I will add it to the kindle myself.

Please stay tuned for my website should be developed soon.

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still honing my writing techniques

I am still honing my writing techniques.  I have changed it yet again, this time though I am not focusing on so much as how.  Before if, you recall it was just pen and paper.  This proved two things to me.  One is it is great to feel the writing flow in pen, and two it transcribes into a first edit.

So why the change, well because I like many before me am an amateur still finding what works for me.  I don’t care what books you read, what you were taught, by teachers, and other professional writers, if you want to write figure a routine that works for you.  You can still learn a lot of the others, but you need to blend it in your own way.

I have learned so much in the last year, of getting my novel published.  First of all, writing as fast as you can is GOLD.  Do it, don’t hesitate, those voices that are talking to you won’t wait forever, and when they leave they don’t like to come back.  Second of all, when you have a story idea, jot it down.

Look at it this way, you have this idea, this voice, this man in your head saying screw the book you are on, write me.  Feed that voice a little jot it down, I don’t start the story, and I write a summary or notes about the story.  It can be a page long to a sentence.   I then continue the story I am on.  Once I finish writing my story, I take a week or so and look at the new story ideas, talk to friends that are beta readers or just plain old friends.  I bounce around story ideas that I took notes on, than BAM , a story takes a hold of me or several.  A hurricane forms, tornadoes touch down and ideas are flowing through my head at unbelievable rates.  I still only jot down notes, get pictures of the characters.  Then the storm calms and I go back to the story I just written with, tears and blood and tear it a new one.  I edit the crap out of it.

At this point, I am so sick of it I usually send it to a beta reader to get the first insights on it.  They give it back, saying good story but what the hell happened here; it looks like you had a heart attack writing it or a stroke.  I usually say fuck off, and then go back to the book and work on it more.  They attacked my birth, my joy, why did I let them do it.

I will tell you why, because their expression, their gratitude, the joy of entertaining their most in-depth part of their mind was exuberating.  I made them feel the story, I made them part of the story as much as I was writing it.  The characters spoke through them, and really isn’t that why we write.

Then more edits come, and more corrections, if it sounds good to me, I let more beta readers read it.  Then when it finally passes the last approval, it is time to have it published for all.

So anyways, I will be writing one story at a time averaging 4 hours if possible a day.  I know Nora Roberts spends a minimum of 8hrs a day but for me that would be very hard.  I just don’t have the time for I have another job outside of writing.  Maybe if writing was my full time job I could do the 8 hrs but right now I will treat it like a part time job.

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New Meeting 03/20/12 Agenda

MEETING 03/20/12



  1. Pitching
    1. Perfect the Pitch
    2. Have an anomaly for your protagonist
    3. Writing Series, Pitch First Book
    4. Don’t be a Secret Keeper
    5. Say Something about Character
    6. Book Goal


  1. Dialogue
    1. Cut the first few words
    2. Avoid telephone dialogue
    3. Write small actions and/or gestures
    4. Body language (Writing exercise)


  1. Characters
    1. Inner conflict in the protagonist
    2. Be more dimensional
    3. Larger than life
    4. Different character (Money, class, color, speech, & ETC)
    5. Sacrifices


  1. Scenes
    1. What is the immediate goal
    2. What gets in the way
    3. Action


  1. DESCRIPTION AND SETTING (Painting a scene)
    1. Use setting to develop atmosphere
    2. Use weather.
    3. Consider the quality of light in a scene.
    4. Use all five senses
    5. Sprinkle description throughout
    6. Vary the way you approach a similar setting.
    7. Words

                                                               i.      Use active verbs

                                                             ii.      Replace words you overuse.

                                                            iii.      Use specific and concrete language


  1. Goals
    1. Robert

                                                               i.      Agenda

                                                             ii.      6 Scenes or (refigured it) 5 k of words

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Tammy

                                                               i.      Minutes

                                                             ii.      Calendar

                                                            iii.      Start an outline

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Jaci

                                                               i.      7 pages (2100 words)

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Michele

                                                               i.      Write 14 days out of the 14 days

  1. (Robert’s take on this goal) 1k of words a day
    1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Shawna

                                                               i.      Making a schedule to attend at least one meeting a week due to volleyball

                                                             ii.      Blend two worlds (create) for her story

  1. NEW GOAL?


    1. Other Members

                                                               i.      For members not physically able to attend, will need to write at least 2K. 

                                                             ii.      Also if you need the lesson plan of what we talked about please comment below or show up at the meeting starting at 06:00 PM and ending at 07:30 at Apple Blossom inOshkosh,WI

  1. Talk about what we wrote about and other important information as long as it is not 12 shades of grey.  Also in this meeting we will try to avoid on which version of D&D we have played.  (Yes that just geeked us out.)
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My new way of writing

My new and improved writing style.  I just wanted to put this out there for anybody that was curious of my writing style.  I am currently writing three stories at once, which I don’t recommend if you are writing for your first time.

My first novel was written at once as fast as I could but needed a lot of editting which was normal and okay.  Now though I tried for NanoWrimo to write long handed.  I found out by writing long handed when I put into my computer I can add more details, or take some out.  It makes it flow better.  Then I had to cure my other problem I had.

That problem was I would write myself to death.  My story was very interesting and all but I would write to death.  Look at this way, my brain was a car, and I would write till it was empty, and then need to fill up and couldn’t write for a week.  That was very unproductive.   During this refill I would take in other surrounding items in and figure new stories out and just write a sentence or two about it and come back after the novel.  The problem with this, for me at least was that I didn’t have inspiration anymore for that story, or my mind would wonder when I was writing the current W.I.P.

So I decided to write three stories at once, when a story idea comes to me I start it until I hit that empty phase.  This is usually a scene later.  Now though I have three stories I am thinking about constantly and I rotate through the stories, it is like I have three gas tanks now.  The fun part is these stories are so different from each other I can switch from one to the other without worring about overlapping details.

This is how I do it though, I start with one scene from one story, and when I finish that scene I go to the next story and do a scene, then the next.  I was asked the other day how do I keep all the stories straight, and that is they easiest answer I can give.  I have covers or character profiles in the binder in front of each story.  My characters are so very different that each character is somewhere in my head.

By doing this though my characters have been speaking to me like I am crazy.  I have to bring my binder now everywhere I go or my smart phone for details and let the characters loose.  One thing is nice though they never speak to each other, maybe fight to be the one I want to hear but then they tell me their stories.

I usually can control whose speaking and once I am on a roll I can write for long periods of time of that character.  I hit that state that every writer loves to be in.  I hit that space that is not reality but our Muse’s land.  (more info on muses, please read the MUSE, by Stacia Kelly)

I know someone is saying well I have many characters in one story and there is no way you can keep them apart.  I just want to point out this is my writing style and might not be right for everyone by I have one story that has 6 main characters, another story with 3 and that last one with 1 main and a lot of 2nd characters that was critical to keep track of.

Just thought I should share my style.

Andrew McKay

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